December 23, 2020


GUEST DELIGHT or CUSTOMER SATISFACTION can be simply understood with the fact that “Every satisfied guest is one next step towards building greater business” , this is universal truth not only for hospitality but for every business. This article will discuss the importance of guest delight in building resultant revenues and methodology toward achieving it.

Well explained in simple words, Customer delight is about engaging your guest at an emotional level and appealing to their higher-order needs. After all, wouldn’t you rather have an excited customer as opposed to ambivalent one? Guest delight is winning the emotions of the guests in service transaction through pleasant attitude, professional approach and complete product. Creating that feeling of “someone special” or most important person in the world for the guest. Moving from customer satisfaction to delight requires a change of approach, as well as a change in both thinking and behavior. As we mutually strive to design and execute better guest experiences, these five guidelines will do more than satisfy your guest, they will create a truly delightful hotel stay.


Friendly employees leave an impression on the guest’s mind. The studies reveal that many guests used words such as “charisma,” “friendly”and“pleasant attitude” to describe their interactions with service workers. It is always a pleasure for every one of us to be acknowledged by our surnames or first names, it gives the special feeling of acknowledgement. Mandate your team to address the guest by Surnames with Proper salutations; we are all supported by technology at every service call point all it takes is a little effort of open PMS window before answering any guest call. Add those magic words creating WOW factor by end of every transaction like –wish you a great day ahead , have a great tour, Bon appétit etc.


After reading many guest feedbacks , it is apparent that guests appreciate professionalism and mastery of essential duties. notes that “events were well planned,” recalled being “impressed by the quality of people” in the hotel, and commented on the staff’s “attention to detail.” Developing expertise in a profession can be challenging in a high turnover environment such as the hotel industry, but proper training, adherence to quality standards, and demeanor can make this goal possible. Training need to be focused on CSIP [continuous service improvement approach]


REACH your guest during their stay , while passing through public areas , or during IN room dinning transaction , or any other service ,interact with 2QA [2 question  approach] –interestingly this 2 question approach was highly successful when applied in my hotels , every staff is mandated to interact at least 4 guests

  • Q1-salutation, followed by how was your day or hope the room is to your expectations.
  • Q2 is there anything I could do for you

Any suggestion of service lapse, called by the guest can be easily attended before the check out. Irrespective of department the staff can pass on feedback to GRM to attend.


Hiring people who are naturally friendly is a smoother path to attain this goal. Furthermore, creating a work environment that stirs such reactions is another necessary step. Share the guest feedback index with your team, elaborate on negative feedbacks or the normal feedbacks and discuss where we went wrong, what could have been done to avoid it and all other rectification permutations. Create the atmosphere of challenge by comparing the best period to the worst index figures. Initiate staff incentives if your costs could allow. Motivate the team to higher ground. Some hotels even slide share the feedbacks from various sites of the competitors to understand their positives and fulfillment levels.


I view service recovery as a process of neutralizing negative guest attitudes and emotions. However, not only can we neutralize emotions, but by virtue of our recovery efforts, we can create delight. Remember offering HI tea or a room night with compliments is way too low cost to hotel than the cost incurred in getting every new guest IN, numerous feedbacks highlighted guest’s positive reflections regarding hotel staff who went out of their way to solve problems. To attain this, it is necessary that the staff pay attention to opportunities to help the guest, especially those in which there’s no service failure, but the guest still faces a challenge.

Well summarizing the above , we can conclude to the fact that speaking to guests during their stay with the hotel not only builds chances of recoveries but also project a friendlier hotel staff , no matter what the situation is , a warm smile ,pleasant tone and empathic approach towards our guests can win them forever.

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