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November 20, 2020
December 15, 2020


Manmohan Singh, Founder of EduGrade
14TH OCTOBER 2020 –For Further Information, Please Connect: MEDIA.MARKETING @WGHIL.COM

We have been all through the corporate services, conceptualization, designing and implementation at various stages, we went all neo-liberal and started selling corporate services, we realized that what INDIA incorporation needs now is further and higher education which is practical in approach and delivers quick results based on performance and adaptation of the work culture. One of these was a round of Learning Design projects. Now we have a Learning Design approach that is embedded in all module production. It requires designers to consider student activities using various categories.

We didn’t have a uniform design approach at the university levels, which may seem surprising, but we had a uniform production model. However, as new media became available, we wanted module teams to take a step back from deciding the ‘what’ (the printed units, simulations, etc) and think about the ‘how’. We developed nice tools and after a long process, got it embedded in the stage gate process so all new modules have to go through a learning design step.

My experience is that the actual model you use isn’t as important as the step in thinking about different approaches. We retrospectively mapped a number of existing modules and academics and were often surprised to see just how much they relied on assimilation. Here came in existence, the new concept of video role plays, well if we are teaching anything which has behavioral approach, the need of the body language stages important aspect. like we say “Serving a meal is a defined task and we all talk of right hand service, right temperatures, right accompaniments etc., but, how many of us have actually given a thought to the body language and personal presentation of the associate engaged in that transaction.”

Here comes the need of video presentation, where a trainee understands the approach, embeds confidence from the very first direct transaction as he is not new to it. This is all so important in our learning design. I am of the opinion that when we train a person to handle a defined task, we should develop a learning process which enables an individual to step in the process virtually and then deliver it in similar fashion when it comes to actual transaction.

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