November 20, 2020
December 23, 2020


Manmohan singh –Founder | CEO –EDUGRADEONLINE.COM

The Global Pandemic lockdown has highlighted the new way of learning, in fact it existed before as well but the new dimensions were achieved during this pandemic as it became the need of hour, we can shut down educational institutions but the learning has to continue in a different form and formats . these emerging  requirements motivated the enterprises to develop new software’s , technology embedded learning techniques and off course it changed the way teaching was perceived in past over class room studies. The online tutorials are more specific, new methodology of teaching emerged through and what I Feel all this is happening for good.

We can see the glimpses of the future of education, it’s getting global faster and quicker, to study best of global universities one need not travel that far but can be obtained at the convenience of geographical differences. There we see a lot of benefits of the online education,

  • E learning accommodates individual needs, of time space and convenience beside all the content is uploaded and available at any point of time.
  • Learn at your own pace , devoting the time to any topic , revision and everything is at the own pace of individual including the accessibility to content
  • E learning motivates individuality, confidence and independent learning and grooms the student to take on better challenges times ahead.
  • Broad spectrum of discussion boards and chat room are advantageous in reference studies.
  • Reduced cost of education makes it available for more takers.

We do not deny the disadvantages of e learning as the biggest one is the peer learning and extra co curricular activities one goes through including discipline building , social circles and adaptive knowledge which one learns from the environment he studies in ,despite of these we need to focus on the future based learning and this may also develop in some time in one way or the other. Assessment and individual approach though missing right now on e learning need to be addressed and new technology work is to be done in this regard.

Rising to the challenge..of the e learning is more important as online access is essential for any institution having broad vision of the future education . Online accessibility improves connect, varsity and availability of the contents thus leading to improvements and adapting global approach.

The lockdown showed how unequal access to internet could exacerbate socio economic inequalities now most of the people are assessing the very idea of online access , some are calling it essential and may be Fundamental human right.


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